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Hi my name is David Manning.

I am about 5'8 and I have blonde hair and some weird colered eyes. I am a male. Thank "god".


Where do I live

I live in the middle dephths of hell,,,hahahahahahahahah

My interest

I enjoy to play with computers and have fun. I love music and I like to write. Some of the music I listen to is the following: metallica, bush, korn, third - eye blind, and a little bit of everything else out there. I like to write short stories and I also like to write and make up Jokes.



One thing I enjoy in life is sports. I love the BEARS, I love to play basketball. I'm fairly good at basketball. Right now I am going out for Track. I run the mile and stuff like that.


Things Important

Some things that are important to me are my health, my family and my friends. I love to do things on the weekends with my friends, such as cause trouble and have fun. We usually dont do anything too stupid, but that is usually. Like I said before I like to have fun.